We are on a mission to provide an automated, secure and real-time platform for merchants to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into their business model. With Azimuth, you can receive payments in cryptocurrencies, exchange for stable-coins and withdraw in your local fiat currency.


Bridge the Gap Between Fiat and Crypto.

We envision to be pioneers in global crypto-payment solutions for businesses, eliminating middle-men and intermediaries, and offering a cost-effective channel for merchants to maintain, exchange and manage their cashflows, be it fiat or crypto. All in real-time.


How it All Started

With the launch of Bitcoin in 2008 by the anonymous Satoshi Nakomoto, the possibility of a platform came to life that could connect millions and billions of individuals through a secure, transparent and most of all decentralized channel. No more intermediaries’ fees or charges that would eat up most of your hard-earned income and no more central authorities to restrict the value of money.

The Gamechanger – Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

The elimination of middle men and peer-to-peer connection through a decentralized, append-only ledger enabled transactions in a suitably more seamless manner. Your cross-border payments reached to your respective clients in a manner of minutes. Welcome to the world of crypto-currencies; cryptographically secure and traceable digital money. The opportunities and applications would propel the world far ahead in terms of financial inclusion and connectivity.

There is Still an Obstacle – or Opportunity?

However, there exist a gap between the conventional and contemporary money, that is still used today and the digital money of the progressive future, crypto-currencies. The distance between fiat and crypto is what we seek to minimize and built a bridge on that carries forward the value of today’s money and joins it together with the limitless functionalities of digital money!

Enter V Pay!

V Pay offers merchant payment solutions for the cryptocurrency world. We offer a gateway to step into the cryptocurrency world by taking your funds and allowing you to convert it to coins and explore and utilize the power of cryptocurrencies for your business.

The Risk-free Model

The cryptocurrency realm being in nascent stage experiences fair amount of fluctuations and volatilities, one of the main reason businesses are reluctant to adopt it. However, we offer a stable coin model that ensures the risk of volatility is completely mitigated and your funds are protected. Stable coins are crypto-tokens that are pegged to fiat currencies such as US dollar and tracks its value. Even if the crypto-realm is experiencing turmoil in general, the stable coin tend to retain their value closely to the dollar, at a 1:1 ratio (1 dollar = 1 token). This model allows you to enter the cryptocurrency world in a completely hedged manner allowing you to control and exploit the flexibility and accessibility offered by the digital money.

There’s More to V Pay!

That’s just one of the things that sets aside Azimuth from the rest of the crypto-payment solutions. We offer real-time exchange from fiat-crypto and vice versa. The process is simple. Fund your account with fiat and buy equivalent amount of stable coin. Once you own stable coin, you have your ticket to interact with the crypto-world. You can track your payments through your dashboard, receive payments from your clients and withdraw your funds in your local currency afterwards, all from our one-stop-shop solution. Azimuth empowers you to enhance your business model, expand your payment options and reduce your middle-men cost all in one place.