Go to Sign up Form from corporate website

Provide necessary information such as company details and authorize person details

Upload authorize person’s government issued identity

Upload company identity document

Submit the registration form

Verification email will be sent from V Pay to given merchant email address.

Merchant has to click on the verification link sent from V Pay via email.

Once verify, Merchant login into the dashboard and start KYC and KYB Process.

For KYC Process: Authorise Person Government Issued ID and Utility Bill for Address Verification should be uploaded.

For KYB Process: Company Certificate, Memorandum, Articles of Association should be uploaded for the verification of the company and authorize person.

Once KYC and KYB process completed.

V Pay Compliance Team may approve or reject the merchant registration or further demand necessary information to complete the due diligence and verification process.

If approved, V Pay Compliance Team will set daily and monthly limit of transactions for merchants as per provided information given by merchants.

Once approved, merchant can access the Business Console by logging into Merchant Dashboard,

For further Information, please visit relevant pages.

How Business Console Works

AML/KYC Policy

Privacy Policy