How V Pay Works?

V Pay offers a simple solution to handling merchant’s user payment, for all kinds of mode be it Bank, Card or Stable Coins.

Regardless of the sheer volume of cashflows, our platform is available for you to handle the crypto-to-fiat bridge.

Just follow the steps and you are good to go!

Sign Up:

The sign-up process is super easy. Just enter your credentials and you are good to go.

Verify your Account:

Once the sign-up process is complete, verify your email address through link received on email.

KYC Process:

Once your account is registered, fill up the KYC form, provide required information and documents.

Make sure to upload high-quality pictures/scanned photos where required to ensure speedy processing from our end.

Crypto Wallet for your Funds:

Once your KYC is approved you are officially a part of the premium community,

Welcome on board!

You now create a Crypto Wallet for your funds.

We can allow you to accept your user payments as merchant via Bank/Card or Stable Coins and available in the form of Stable Coins directly in to your Merchant Wallet.

You can withdraw stable coins and request us to convert it into FIAT for you! We have crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto bridge.

Business Console

You will get an access to business console designed for you only.

As merchant, you have many options to process your user payments, such as in the form of invoices, one time payment request or simply connect your platform using our APIs.

We will be rolling out industry leading plugins later this year.

Keep the crypto comin’!

You are all set, get ready to accept payments via Bank, Card or Directly in Stable Coins.